Lan Wei’s PhD Viva

Congratulations to Lan Wei who successfully passed her PhD Viva this morning.

Lan’s thesis title is “Automatic Detection and Characterization of Seizures and Sleep Spindles in Electroencephalograms Using Machine Learning”.

Many thanks to her external examiner, Prof. Lijuan Duan, and internal examiner, Dr Ruihai Dong. Many thanks also to Assoc. Prof. Brian Mac Namee for arranging and chairing the Viva via zoom, and to Lan’s co-supervisor, Prof. Madeleine Lowery, for her support and guidance of Lan over the last four years.Many thanks to Lan’s  Research Studies Panel (Prof. Madeleine Lowery, Assoc. Prof. Gianluca Pollastri, and Dr Andrew Hines)  for their advice during the past four years.

Finally, a big thank you to our collaborators, Soraia Ventura, Dr Gareth Morris, Prof. David C. Henshall, Dr Sean Mathieson, Prof. Geraldine B., Mary Anne Ryan, Halima Boutouil, Boylan Rogerio Gerbatin, Dr Cristina R Reschke, Dr Omar Mamad and Dr Mona Heiland for their assistance, patience, attention and all the advice throughout Lan’s PhD.