We (Brett Becker and Catherine Mooney) are just back from the 21st European Conference on Computational Biology (ECCB), held in Sitges, Barcelona on 12-21 September 2022 (

We presented a poster “Investigating Student Sense of Belonging in Biology and Computer Science” co-authored by Shamima Nasrin Runa and Anna Markella Antoniadi.

Our results showed that 75% of the women in Computer Science and 29% of the women in Biology who completed the survey identified as a minority, but for different reasons (Computer Science; Biology): gender (61%; 29%), sexual identity (17%; 29%), race/nationality (44%; 33%), disability (6%;14%), and socio-economic status (11%; 10%). These results provide insight that may help improve the SoB of our undergraduate students and ensure that we create inclusive learning environments for all students.