2023 AI Award Nomination

Epi-AI is a groundbreaking innovation poised to transform epilepsy research and treatment. It offers an automated, objective, and efficient approach to identifying seizures in animal models, accelerating drug discovery, and fostering global collaboration among researchers. Collaborative endeavours with esteemed institutions such as the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland and the SFI FutureNeuro research center have aligned this project with national initiatives aimed at propelling epilepsy research into the future. Epi-AI, an innovative tool for seizure detection in mouse models of epilepsy, has had significant and far-reaching impacts on the field of epilepsy research and drug discovery:

  1. Acceleration of Drug Discovery: Epi-AI has greatly accelerated the drug discovery process by reducing the time required for annotating seizures in mouse models. This acceleration expedites the translation of experimental findings into human trials. Additionally, it promotes global collaboration by providing a standardized methodology, enabling researchers worldwide to exchange data and insights seamlessly.
  2. Industry Partnerships: Several companies have expressed interest in Epi-AI, with one prominent pharmaceutical company forming a partnership that goes beyond providing data and funding. This collaboration promises to enhance our understanding of epilepsy through extended analysis of mouse EEG data. It signifies Epi-AI’s essential contribution to research and therapeutic solutions. Moreover, it has fostered collaboration between academia and the industry, facilitating the practical implementation of machine learning models in real-world scenarios.
  3. Global Collaboration: Epi-AI transcends geographical and institutional boundaries by offering a standardized and automated approach to seizure detection in mouse models. This innovation has facilitated global collaboration among researchers, giving them a common tool to exchange data, insights, and methodologies. This level of accessibility has energized a collective effort to address the intricate challenges of epilepsy, potentially accelerating progress toward effective treatments on a global scale. The tool’s international significance is evident in its widespread adoption, with a substantial number of page views and visits from individuals and institutions in numerous countries, underscoring its profound global impact.

This technology has significant industry implications, principally by accelerating vivo drug screening but also contributing to enhancing the understanding of epilepsy mechanisms and the potential for medical devices. It improves scientific rigour, comparability, and collaboration, ultimately advancing epilepsy research and treatment worldwide. This project has been shortlisted for the 2023 AI Awards in the Best Application of AI in a Student Project category.

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